Date PostedApril 20, 2014

Why Should I undergo Food Safety Training?

People in the food services and hospitality industries often aren’t aware of who needs to undergo food safety and handling training and who doesn’t. Obvious jobs which require food safety training include food preparation, waitressing, kitchen hand jobs, catering services and bar workers but there are some jobs that aren’t as obvious. For example if you work in a home for the elderly involved in kitchen work or food preparation or in a university cafeteria, you will also have to undergo Food Safety Training.

Why is it so important?

Food borne illnesses are a major cause for concern in the health and hospitality industries and thousands of people are sickened every year because of foodborne pathogens. In some extreme cases foodborne illnesses can be deadly especially for elderly people, pregnant women and children who are more vulnerable than healthy adults to the effects of bacteria laden food. As a food business there is nothing worse than making your customers sick and risking getting in trouble with authorities, not to mention the damage that may be done to your business’s reputation, which can prove detrimental to your business.

Food handlers in particular stand a high risk of contaminating food by spreading pathogens when preparing food when they don’t take hygiene seriously, that is why food business owners and professionals should ensure staff complete food safety training to learn to practice health and safety standards set by national health agencies.

Food producers as well as retail managers should undergo food safety training to ensure that their business practices safe food handling techniques.

What it entails

The food safety course is most conveniently completed online, this is the easiest and most cost effective method of training. To learn more about the course or to register visit our homepage today!



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