Date PostedApril 11, 2013

Need For Food Handling Training

According to the law all food business owners are legally required to make sure the food sold or prepared on their premises on behalf of their business is safe for customers to eat. They must also ensure that their business premises comply with the Food Standards Code, developed jointly by Australia and New Zealand.

Restaurant owners also have a responsibility to ensure that the food they sell is not damaged, adulterated or perished and should be fit for human consumption.

In order to comply with these laws restaurant and food business owners need to ensure those preparing and serving food are well acquainted with these laws and how to safely implement them because all staff in the business that handle and prepare food for sale to consumers are responsible for food safety. In order to do this, they must undergo food safety training.

It is important that staff are aware of good hygiene practices and how to safely store and prepare food to prevent passing foodborne illnesses on to customers and possibly causing food poisoning outbreaks. Employees of restaurants, take-aways and fast food outlets must undergo food handling and food safety training to ensure they are able to do this.

The good news is that this training can be completed online making it quick, convenient and financially affordable. In fact food business owners can’t afford not to provide food handling and food safety training to their staff because the cost of the training pales in comparison to that of fines, bad publicity and loss of business that may result if an outbreak were to occur.


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