Date PostedSeptember 26, 2013

New Food Safety App for Food Businesses

A new smartphone application has been released by Irish creators which is expected to help monitor food hygiene and safety standards of venues.

Technologies are being developed all the time to help make our lives safer, more convenient and just easier and now an app has been developed to help the food service industry perfect their safety standards. The Irish food industry has been plagued with food hygiene issues recently.

The app has been developed by a pair of environmental health graduates who call their app “Safe Food Healthy Business”. The application has information in both written and tutorial form that business owners can use to ensure the health and safety of their patrons.

The developers of the app say they were spurred on by the alarming number of food businesses that are shutting their doors because of poor food hygiene in Ireland.

This excerpt from a post on has more info on the app:

foodsafetyapp“We developed the app due to the increased number of food businesses closing because of poor food hygiene standards in Ireland,” said Murphy.

The idea for the app was conceived in August 2012, and it was launched in February after six months of information and software development.

Murphy believes the app has all aspects of food safety covered. “Our app addresses what the user needs to know about food safety and we can rely on our backgrounds in environmental health to achieve this.

“The app provides food businesses with concise factual information on the requirements and good practice methods in food safety,” he said.


Some of the basic information provided by the app includes guidelines for dealing with food poisoning outbreaks stemming from your venue, advice on pest control identification and elimination, information on food alerts, advice for starting out on a food business as well as:

Tips for managing food allergies

Information business owners can leverage when setting up a new business

Guidelines for managing E. coli 0157

HACCP templates business owners can refer to in order to ensure they comply with food safety laws

Information about who to contact for food safety products and services


According to the developers this app is unique because of the style which it adopts in providing information to users. The application is available for free and can be downloaded from iTunes. Although it was developed in Ireland the app can be beneficial for Australian food businesses because it is free and businesses will not have to encounter any additional costs to gain this information. It is also more convenient than other forms of information.

The post goes on to explain:

Murphy said Safe Food Healthy Business is a food safety app unline any other. “Our app is unique in what it has to offer the user, as no other food safety app in the iTunes store offers the style of information we do,” Murphy said.

The app is available from the iTunes store for free, and it is compatible with both iPhones and iPads.



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