Date PostedNovember 19, 2013

Correct Storage and Display of Seafood

Seafood is a high risk food which needs to be handled and stored with the utmost care especially if you own or run a food business because you cannot risk getting customers sick.

It is a long established industry practice and custom for seafood, including whole fish, shellfish and fillets, to be often be presented in open display cases on ice. Although food displayed in this way may look attractive it can be risky especially when flies and other insects may contaminate the food. Also the temperature of the seafood needs to be maintained below 5C.

This seafood on display should be supervised by staff to ensure that customers aren’t handling the seafood. Also put up signs indicating to customers that they should not touch the seafood on display.

Change the ice that you’re using in the display each time you reassemble your seafood display. Fresh ice always looks more appealing and will keep the seafood fresh.

Most importantly do not eat seafood that shows signs of spoilage. Consuming spoiled food of any kind can be dangerous and potentially life-threatening to customers. If seafood is left out for long periods of time, rather discard it then sell it to customers.

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Seafood on display should look and smell fresh.

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