Date PostedJanuary 25, 2014

Bendigo Restaurant Accused of 25 Food Safety Breaches

It is quite shocking to think that one venue in Bendigo has been accused and convicted of a staggering 25 food safety breaches.

This was the third incident of this nature this year and most of them related to generally unclean premises and food handling violations.

The director of the restaurant, Sabah House specialising in Asian food, pleaded guilty to 25 charges relating to general maintenance and hygiene issues.

The proprietor of the Pall Mall Restaurant was convicted and fined $30,000 and a further $5956 in costs and its director was fined $10,000 and additional costs.

According to the

City of Greater Bendigo director planning and development Prue Mansfield said the case, which was heard before a Magistrate Tuesday, was disappointing.

“It was disappointing to have to take the business to court, especially after multiple visits to the premises and regularly checking up on the progress they had made,” she said.

“But the (council) has a responsibility to ensure food sold in the municipality is safe and the community can have confidence the food they are purchasing will not cause them to be sick.

“Prosecution is a last resort and if a business is approached in regards to food handling and safety, they are encouraged to work closely with (council) officers and take the necessary steps to improve their business so as not to tarnish their reputation and make a possibly costly trip to court.”

These 3 cases are an example of why Food Safety and Food handling courses for staff of food businesses is so important, because while common sense dictates much about food preparation and safe food handling, it is also important that people are aware of what the law requires of them and how to keep customers safe from food poisoning.

For staff of restaurants, take-aways and any food businesses it is important to remember the significance of personal hygiene as well as care when handling, preparing or serving food.

Food safety is important not just because it is the law and health inspectors can close your business down for lack of food safety and endangering customers, but also because a deadly foodborne outbreak linked back to your establishment can be the end of a business. In addition to fines and other legal costs, businesses may not be able to survive the damage done by the bad publicity of a foodborne outbreak.

Another reason why food safety should be the main priority of any food establishment is because it is the ethical thing to do. Risking the health of others who are simply supporting your businesses is unethical and immoral. Consider how you would feel if someone were to die from a contamination that occurred at your restaurant.

If you work for or run a food business and aren’t sure about what is required in terms of proper food handling and hygiene call 5434 6333.


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