Date PostedDecember 22, 2013

Consumers Say Food Safety more Important than Price

Research done by research organisation Roy Morgan shows that food safety is more important to customers than other factors like the supermarket’s proximity to their home, product range or prices.

In fact 57 per cent of grocery buyers over the age of 14 said that food safety standards were an important deciding factor in where they choose to shop. The next most important factor was its close proximity to their homes and value for money.

Fifty three per cent of consumers listed hygienically prepared foods and a clean and tidy environment as important factors in deciding where to shop. So food businesses need to recognise the importance of food hygiene and food safety in enhancing their business’s productivity and sales, it isn’t just about escaping fines.

Shoppers are less concerned about discounts than one would think. Less than one in four grocery buyers say discounts for regular shoppers or petrol discounts are a central reason they choose a particular supermarket, people are prepared to pay for hygiene because they perceive it as quality.

This research is particularly important in this day and age when food businesses face so much competition and pressure to increase sales and this pressure is only going to increase in the future. By providing consumers with what they want, companies can gain a significant advantage.

The following graph explains the research findings in more detail:


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