Date PostedNovember 16, 2013

Aussie Consumers More Concerned about Food Safety Standards

Some interesting news for food sellers and other food businesses, according to the latest research most Australian consumers are more concerned about food safety standards than they are about other issues like value, proximity to home and quality or range of fresh produce available.

This proves just how important an issue food safety is for consumers in Oz. So if food safety standards are such a major issue for consumers, logic dictates that in order to attract and retain customers, food businesses should make good food safety standards their top priority.

Although the research related to food safety at supermarkets, the premise for all food businesses is more or less the same, so restaurants, takeaways and other food retailers should heed this advice.

According to over half of all grocery consumers, food safety standards is the most important aspect of choosing where they shop.

Consumers also expressed that food that is hygienically prepared and an environment which is clean and tidy are also very important when deciding where to shop.

The following excerpt was taken from an article on, the company responsible for the research:

5247 SmallWell over half (57%) of grocery buyers aged 14+ cite food safety standards as a very important factor when deciding where to shop, followed by whether the store is near home or good value (both 55%).

Hygienically prepared food and a clean and tidy environment are each very important to 53% of shoppers. The quality of fresh produce ranks alongside convenient trading hours and low prices at 52% but more shoppers place a high importance on easy parking (51%) than the range of fresh fruit and vegetables (47%). 

Other factors further down the list include clean and functional trolleys (43%), range of brands (42%), weekly specials (41%) and being able to buy everything there (37%).

Perhaps surprisingly, less than one in four grocery buyers say discounts for regular shoppers or petrol discounts are a central reason they choose a particular supermarket.


The article goes on to quote the Group Account Manager, Consumer Products for Roy Morgan Research. He explains how important it is for food businesses to understand customers and the factors that are important to them when choosing where to shop. As competition grows, these issues become even more important to businesses than ever before, especially businesses who wish to maintain their competitive edge.

The researchers also found that priorities were different for consumers that shopped at different supermarkets – Woolworths shoppers have different priorities than those that shop at IGA. The post goes on to explain:

“However not all shoppers have the same priorities. For example food and hygiene factors rank high for Coles and Woolworths shoppers, price and value for Aldi, and convenience for IGA. Therefore growth strategies for each supermarket should take these differences into account.

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