Date PostedOctober 14, 2012

Food Recalls have Consequences for Workers as well as Consumers

Food safety issues have consequences not only for the consumer but also for the producer of the contaminated goods as a recent incident in Canada has proven.

XL Foods, a Canadian food manufacturer, have lain off more workers as the Canadian food safety agency issued another beef recall.

The company previously laid of thousands of workers after beef originating from the plant was infected with E.Coli resulting in it being recalled.

The plant in Alberta, Canada was the centre of controversy when a massive beef recall have caused workers to be laid off while safety officials assess whether the plant can be reopened safely.

Around 2000 workers in total have been laid off. This incident is a scary reminder of the widespread impact of food contaminations. In addition to the many people that may have become ill from eating the contaminated beef, the workers and their families have been negatively affected by this incident and lost their livelihoods.

The incident involved the recall of more than 1,800 products and affected 33 retail chains across Canada.

To avoid becoming sick consumers should cook beef properly at high temperatures. This will kill the bacteria. Ensuring that the beef is cooked all the way through the middle is very important in preventing food borne illnesses.


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