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Toxins in Food

What exactly the risks are of toxins in food is not a topic often discussed because people tend to concentrate more on the impact of bacteria such as listeria, salmonella and E.coli. But toxins can cause both short and long term complications in humans especially if consumed. Quite often people may become sick from toxins but only show signs of sickness much later on and so the source is never found.

Toxins especially in food and drink can over time cause serious health problems according to experts. Although affects may vary depending on the type of toxin and the person involved, it can cause significant damage to the body.

People with less healthy immune systems may be more susceptible to sicknesses caused by toxins although people with healthy immune systems may also be at risk. Similarly to bacteria, toxins may have more of an effect on pregnant women, children and the elderly.

Repeatedly eating something that you later find out is contaminated with some sort of toxin is not a guarantee that you will develop a disease but the risk is still present.

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Some toxins even have the potential to cause cancer over time, such as dioxin which is a toxin that can be consumed through contaminated foods. Often the most dangerous aspect of toxin poisoning is that you may not realise you have it. People may suffer from symptoms that are difficult to diagnose or pinpoint. If you have vague symptoms and feelings of discomfort that you can’t quite pinpoint, this could be an indication of a toxin in your body and you should seek medical help. You may also experience symptoms like diabetes, cardiovascular disease or another health problem that you need to take care of immediately. These symptoms may also be a sign of toxin poisoning from a toxin that has over time accumulated in the body.

Toxins may also be released by bacteria in certain foods that have been contaminated and these toxins may cause illness. The toxin is normally part of the bacteria’s functioning and is let off by the bacteria’s natural processes. However once consumed by humans it can cause immediate side effects, long term effects or none at all.

If the symptom matches a symptom of poisoning by some toxin, you should consult your medical practitioner immediately and try to figure out what the source of the toxin was. It is often difficult to pinpoint where a contamination may have come from, it could have been from the processing plant for a particular food or the distributor or may be a naturally occurring toxin in certain foods that has a unique effect on you which may not affect someone else. That is why keeping track of what you eat and the source of your food is important and make sure food is safely stored and cooked before consuming.


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