Date PostedOctober 5, 2012

Who does the Food Handlers Certificate Apply To?

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Are you an owner of a food business or a worker involved with food sales but unsure whether the food handler’s certificate applies to you or your workers?

Well according to Australian legislation anyone who comes into contact with food as well as people who supervise such workers must have the training in food safety and food hygiene in order to do so without endangering the health of customers.  Food borne pathogens can easily be spread to consumers and make customers sick which is why training in proper food handling methods is so important. This includes people who handle food or are involved in any activity that involves food. Also people who come into contact with food surfaces should undergo the food handler’s course.

Workers involved in manufacturing, processing or preparing food for example by chopping, cooking, thawing, delivering, transporting or packing food. Also people who clean the tableware, equipment and food preparation areas or equipment that food may come into contact with also need to be trained and educated in proper food handling and hygiene.

Proper food handling and food hygiene is not only ethical but it’s the law so before you embark on a career in the food service industry, ensure that you undergo the necessary training.


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