Date PostedSeptember 25, 2012

Avoiding Staph Infections

Source : SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget

Nobody wants to suffer from the inconvenient and uncomfortable effects of a staph infection. Some of the ways to reduce the risk of infection include:

  • Wash your hands frequently with hot water and soap thoroughly.
  • Consider using a Hand sanitizer if possible to use whenever soap is not available especially in public places or before eating at a restaurant where you will probably not have the opportunity to wash your hands.
  • People with Staph infections should keep away from food and food preparation for others. Also people with open wounds and cuts should keep them covered and wear gloves if preparing food.
  • Keep your own wounds clean and bandaged to prevent Staph bacteria from entering it and causing infection.
  • Never use other people’s soap, razors, ointments, towels etc.
  • Regularly disinfect food preparation areas and areas that become contaminated such as gym equipment. These are places where bacteria thrive so ensure they are disinfected before you use them.
  • Always wash dish clothes and towels in hot water, preferably in the washing machine to ensure bacteria are eliminated.  Also disinfect clothing that is worn to high risk areas, such as gym clothes and athletic clothes.

By following a few rules you can prevent a Staph infection, also watch what you eat and avoid establishments that look dodgy.


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