Date PostedSeptember 26, 2012

Food Handling Update: Danger of Swineflu

Source : Erik (HASH) Hersman

The recent incident in America involving a swine flu outbreak has highlighted the dangers associated with the spread of this illness. The mutated strain of the Swine flu passed from mammals to human beings. 30 people in Ohio were infected after coming into contact with farm animals that carried the virus.

The danger of swine flu is that often people don’t know they have it because it presents itself like a normal flu and so people continue living their lives as normal and so spread the disease.  The most important tool in fighting the disease is good hygiene. People need to wash their hands after visiting fairs or places where swine are present.  Also food and beverages should not be consumed near pigs. The only real danger is for those people touching pigs and then touching themselves or when pigs that are infected cough or sneeze near you.

So how can you protect yourself? Good hygiene can reduce transmission of all viruses especially swine flu.  This includes covering your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, disposing of dirty tissues promptly and carefully, washing hands frequently with soap and water and cleaning surfaces which are regularly touched.


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