Date PostedNovember 6, 2012

Food Handling Update: Beware Undercooked Chicken

Source : Kentaro Kuribayashi

Food preparation workers should know the danger of undercooked food and in particular poultry. Eating raw or undercooked chicken causes food poisoning. Cross-contamination of uncooked foods, such as vegetables, with raw chicken juices is also aleading cause of food poisoning.

The biggest risks involved with chicken is undercooking it and improperly storing it prior to cooking. Food industry workers should know the signs of poorly cooked chicken and make sure chicken supplied to customers is not a risk.

The reason undercooked chicken is a risk is because of the bacteria which is present in it, that multiplies rapidly in certain conditions and if not cooked can cause food poisoning in anyone who consumes it.

Mothers of children should be extra careful because children and the elderly are at an increased of contracting a foodborne illness from these bacteria because they have weaker immune systems.

Raw chicken may very often have microorganisms present in it when purchased, having passed from the live chicken to the packaging it is sold in. Even if the chicken itself is safe and not contaminated from outside sources, bacteria can grow and be passed on if the chicken is undercooked and not heated to safe temperatures or not properly stored.


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