Date PostedNovember 5, 2012

Evaluate Eateries before Purchasing Food

Source : dalbera

Ever wondered how to tell whether a restaurant is safe to eat at or not. Well in most cases you can tell by just looking at it, if it appears clean, then the food preparation is probably hygienic however sometimes the front of house may look clean whereas the kitchen may not be.

First check to see if there is a current health inspection certificate prominently displayed in the restaurant’s window. This indicates the owner’s commitment to keeping the establishment clean.

Also check for the presence of pests. Cockroaches, flies, rats and other scavengers are sure signs of an unhealthy establishment so patrons should avoid these places. Chances are these pests are also present in the kitchen and the bacteria they spread can easily be spread to your food.

Then check the toilets, are they clean? Do they provide antibacterial soap and a place for staff to wash their hands? Do staff wear hairnets and look clean?

Basically check the overall cleanliness of the place, that it is free from dust on the walls and floors and that there is adequate ventilation. If you have a chance, peek into the kitchen and check that it is clean and food is being handled safely.


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