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Beware of Hepatitis Infections

Anyone travelling to the western part of the United States should beware of a new foodborne outbreak. According to reports in the American media, a new outbreak of a Hepatitis A strain has emerged in the Western Hemisphere. The outbreak

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Food Poisoning on the Menu at the World’s Top Restaurant

Just because a restaurant is expensive or highly rated doesn’t mean it’s immune to food safety and hygiene breaches as incident with popular Danish restaurant, Noma recently proved. The best restaurant in the world for 3 successive years was the source of

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Food Safety News: Largest German Foodborne Outbreak Hits Kids

Source : Mike Licht, The fact that children are more susceptible to foodborne pathogens than healthy adults is what makes the food poisoning incident in Germany involving 11,000 kids even more troubling. The incident highlights the need to be

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