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Norovirus Strains Baffles US Authorities

The US Centres for Disease Control (CDC) are apparently battling over a new strain of the dangerous Norovirus which has become a real problem in the United States lately. Anyone can be infected and become ill from Norovirus multiple times

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Cases of Norovirus Spread

The American CDC warned consumers of the latest foods and places to avoid or approach cautiously in order to avoid catching the outbreak of Norovirus that seems to be going around. Although it is particularly prevalent in the winter months,

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Can Norovirus be spread through Food?

A lot of people suffer from food poisoning but not many are aware of what the threat of Norovirus really is.  Interestingly Norovirus is the leading cause of gastroenteritis in human beings. The sickness shows itself with stomach flu like

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Norovirus Strikes on Aussie Cruise Ship

If you are like me you always thought that Australia was exempt from the foodborne illnesses that plague developing countries. While we do have strict food safety standards there are incidents that originate in Oz that would shock many Australians.

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